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We are committed to addressing local and global problems by developing future entrepreneurs - organizational and thought leaders who are agents of innovation and progress.


VinUniversity Hackathon 2022 The annual VinUniversity Hackathon will be back this December. This is a non-stop 36-hour event organized as part of the Agile Innovation Course for all freshmen to apply things they learn into creatively solving real-world problems. The Hackathon, led by the Entrepreneurship Lab, is where students from different colleges work as teams, utilizing each’s own strengths and capabilities to come up with an interdisciplinary approach. Based on a real-world social problem students will conduct research, and from there, develop prototypes, with an aim to deliver a comprehensive and realistic solution. Judges will consist of forefront experts, leaders, entrepreneurs in various industries. VinUniversity Hackathon will be led by Reactor School Singapore, together with experts and lecturers of the Agile Innovation subject.


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