Billy Wheeler

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Program Director of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS)

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Science and Society

College of Arts and Sciences


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    The Motherboard of Myriad Things: Daoism, Zhuangzi, and the Internet
    (2022) Wheeler, Billy
    Machines, instruments, and tools offer many benefits, but according to the classical Daoists—Laozi and Zhuangzi—they can also interfere with living a life in harmony with nature. Despite this, the Zhuangzi offers numerous stories of individuals who use technologies whilst exemplifying the virtues of a sage, although how this is achieved is not well understood. I examine two recent interpretations and argue that they are problematic on both philosophical and interpretative grounds. In their place, I offer a new solution based on comparing Zhuangzi with recent studies of the effects of the internet on the way we think.
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