Le Duy Dung

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Assistant Professor, College of Engineering and Computer Science


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    Collaborative Curating for Discovery and Expansion of Visual Clusters
    (2021) Dung Le; Hady W. Lauw
    In many visually-oriented applications, users can select and group images that they find interesting into coherent clusters. For instance, we encounter these in the form of hashtags on Instagram, galleries on Flickr, or boards on Pinterest. The selection and coherence of such user-curated visual clusters arise from a user’s preference for a certain type of content as well as her own perception of which images are similar and thus belong to a cluster. We seek to model such curation behaviors towards supporting users in their future activities such as expanding existing clusters or discovering new clusters altogether. This paper proposes a framework, namely Collaborative Curating that jointly models the interrelated modalities of preference expression and similarity perception. Extensive experiments on real-world datasets of various categories from a visual curating platform show that the proposed framework significantly outperforms baselines focusing on either clustering behaviors or preferences alone.
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