Le Van Quynh

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Assistant Professor, College of Engineering and Computer Science


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    Engineering a light–matter strong coupling regime in perovskite-based plasmonic metasurface: quasi-bound state in the continuum and exceptional points
    (2020) Leran Lu; Quynh Le; Lydie Ferrier; Emmanuel Drouard; Christian Seassal; Son Nguyen
    We present theoretically the formation of exciton–photon polaritons and exciton-surface plasmon polaritons in a perovskite-based subwavelength lattice on the metallic plane. It is shown that the later polaritons will be achieved as the perovskite layer is ultra-thin (<50 nm), while the co-existence of both polaritons will dominate, as the thickness of the perovskite metasurface approaches the wavelength scale. In the two cases, the lower polaritonic branches consist of dark and bright modes corresponding to infinite and finite radiative quality factors, respectively. Another salient property of this work is that it allows one to obtain exceptional points (EPs) in momentum space with a four-fold enhancement of the local density of states through engineering the perovskite metasurface. Our findings show that the perovskite metasurface is an attractive and rich platform to make polaritonic devices, even with the presence of a lossy metallic layer.